Source material
It's good to have reliable and detailed source material to start from. I did simple vector versions of the elevations scans which were than scaled to fit relative proportion.
Shearing and matching
I've proceeded shearing the elevations while keeping in mind the entrance has to come in front. Now the magnetic smart guide function lets me snap the vector lines to each other. From this point it takes a few hours to calculate all corresponding reference points.
With the exterior view done. I move on to the floor plans. I had the seven floor plan scans grouped and sheared all at once. After de-group they are layered with a fixed distance. The vectors go really fast since a lot of information spans several levels.
Exploded Layout
The exploded view distorts to some extend the sense of space. To create some extra visual reference with the exterior view I've added the contour lines from the roof section.
Concert Hall Bruges
Final exterior view of the concert hall. The client wanted to show all floor plans of this concert hall in one layout. The final plan had to be split into two versions: one for visitors and one for crew.