The client wanted an illustration featuring all the services they provided set in an urban scene. First I did a mock-up version with a rough layout. I use some graphic elements of earlier drawings to give it some weight.
Switch to colors
The Illustration had to be finished within two and half weeks. The deadline is tight meaning daily feedback from the client is crucial.
The buildings are designed to show as much content as possible. They can't be too dull either. Nor too big.
Day five and still not happy about the car dealer building. Some outline objects survive several updates. This works for me. It usually buys me extra time at the end of the project. I won't say why.
Car dealer
Finally I came up with a more suitable building. It has some more nostalgia compared to the modern once boarding it.
Tuning ...
Final result
Notice the characters. In this case they provide services but usually they come in last. It takes time to create a poster sized multi layered isometric vector illustration.
Printed folder
Graphic design
Always interesting to see how the final illustration is used in a graphic presentation.