The client provided detailed blueprints of the ship. (A project in association with MADOC, Production Company for Exhibitions and Museums.)Madoc
Source layer
The client wanted a colored comprehensive translation of the architectural blueprint. The source is a bitmap file and tracing is not an option.
Manual drawing
With the source layer set to 25% the manual drawing labour can start. An ambient layer is added to help me interpret the interior rooms.
Line art setup
The final result will measure 8 meters. With such an output scale details are important. The line conversion took more than week. The drawing is now ready for coloring.
Colored parts
I prefer to work with grouped parts. It takes more work and care in the beginning but this modular approach saves a lot of time during correction phase.
Coloring itself took over a week. Using a limited set of colors and blending modes for the interiors.
Blending layer
This is the crucial blending layer. It looks minimal but it adds depth and atmosphere to the cutaway.
Final result
Detail of the finale result.
Six months later
It's great to see the final result.
Final result in the ship
Some areas of the ship are restricted for visitors. The cutaway offers a comprehensive view of the ships' complexity.