The client wanted over 200 drawings to help illustrate a children's sports program. The initial deadline was tight. Same for the budget. We worked out a solution that reduced the workflow without effecting the clients needs. The briefing took 5 hours with a lot of documentation that had to be processed.
Isometric photo shoot
It would take too long to figure out all postures in isometry. We arranged a small photo shoot with two children performing the actions.
Pencil drawing
Making pencil roughs.
Another rough
To keep an overview they were handled by category.
Vector over drawing
Than importing the source scan and creating vectors using two stroke sizes.
Layer switched off
With the source layer switched off. I reduced the workflow by leaving all graphics outlined. No color fills or closed paths conversions. The client persuaded me to add faces.
At one point I collected all assets on one document board. This improved overview, workflow and client feedback.
Overview detail
One support color was used for movements and directions.
File numbers
Every posture had a number. Early in the project the client deleted some postures consequently changing numbers thus making my documents obsolete.
Final corrections
This is an overview of all illustrations. After finalizing all corrections the 12 categories were split up to 12 separate documents.