Plaizier is a renowned publisher from Brussels specializing in postcards. The owners decided to pull back after 30 years of hard work. Their daughter wanted to surprise them with this timeline illustration. I was happy to comply with her request. A first mockup rough on recycled paper.
Second mockup
I turned away from isometry. Timelines usually don't benefit from that approach. It takes up too much space.
I puzzelde a little in photoshop to get the composition right. It had to be horizontal instead of vertical.
Vector conversion
I really liked this job. Not in the least for the Heidelberg printer. Drawing machinery is so much fun.
Colored timeline
I don't like the coloring process of isometric drawings. That's because there is depth even with no colors applied. But in this case I love doing it. Frontal graphics only come off good using coloring techniques.
Detail view
How it started
A family pedigree ...
Heidelberg printer
Did I mention love drawing machinery?
The boutique