A newspaper illustration for a bicycle special in De Morgen daily. A first blue pencil draught. The drawing would have to come off a little funny and emphasize the positive aspects of biking in the city. The drawing is in fact a pastiche of Ever Meulens' 'The Girl can't help it'
Crank up the sketch
Overworking it with a black pencil. Usually I tend to skip this stage. But it gives the rough drawing more body and clients appreciate this step. I included a cameo appearance of Ever Meulen.
The client liked it and I converted the sketch to vector lines. Before having it checked one last time I apply some black shadow zones in photoshop.
Final result
This color version was published. I was a bit annoyed with the layout. A missed opportunity.
Another color version
Both color versions are available at
I arranged a separate file with some of the drawings' assets. A pity they didn't use the ape hanger. Newspapers have become goody-goody.