It's (only) the second time a project was cancelled while in the midst of production. The first contacts were very promising and everyone was on the same page. But alas ... It's a shame because the project had a lot of potential and I really had my mind set to it. A health insurance fund wanted an online, visual guide for family caregivers.
The house on the landing page should show a cutaway house with rooms that are easy to distinguish. After clicking the desired room it enlarges with the room showing lots more details and assets. Each of these assets refer to a specific issue when caregivers face when helping the family member.
The client specifically requested all assets to be black and white. I did some tests with three different stroke sizes.
Sketch of the cutaway house
I recommended a forced perspective with a fixed angle. This would allow to show some depth.
It's best to start with the room where caregivers encounter many problems. If issues emerge in this early stage of the project it would give us more time to come up with proper solutions.
Apart from an asset list of the bathroom and some general guidelines their was never a full and comprehensive briefing and the project finally stranded.