The main target of this project was to visualise the process of cigar making. This involves a line-up of machines in a specific configuration. The client provided reference material. A project in association with EXPONANZA.
The best approach for the illustrations would be to keep it simple and readable and yet add some nostalgic accent. Reducing visual complexity helps to prevent the viewers focus from shifting to the machines prior to the process. I went for a plain front view with some extrusion to evoke some depth.
First I drew a grid in Adobe illustrator and made a printout to use this as a backdrop for my sketchbook.
Matching grids
After receiving approval from the client I imported the sketch in Adobe illustrator and matched the scanned grid with the digital one.
Even though this is a rather simple drawing I would have never come up with this design if I had skipped the drawing board.
The digital translation of the pencil drawing.
To make it stand out from the rest the tobacco is marked red.
the cigar
how the actual cigar is made
The final result