De Krook library
A new multi functional library in Ghent. An ambitious project with numerous partners all with different interests. A very challenging project. (A project in association with MADOC, Production Company for Exhibitions and Museums.)Madoc
Side view
The first proposal was a comprehensive side view of the elevations with three levels of information: De Krook library navigation. The Krook site map. And the Krooks' location within the city. The advantage of this approach is that the outer proportions of the building are not altered. Thus preventing interpretation errors with the viewer. The client rejected this proposal because the floors would also have to be comprehensive when applied as separate units.
Exploded view
Instead the client opted for an exploded view. The difficulty at this point was that there was confusion over what would come on which floor.
Corporate identity
A corporate identity was commissioned and ready but applying these colours to the floors was not an option. Making plans or illustrations using brand colours often doesn't work.