Rework an existing drawing
The original drawing was made by architect Ro Berteloot. It was an old school hand drawn visual and realized without the help of modern technology. I came across it twelve years ago and was charmed by it. The client approached me to take it apart, put it back together in layered levels and reconstruct missing parts. I was asked to add a still-to-be built bicycle parking annex lounge bar.
Taking it apart
This task would be so much easier using a 3D application. Color zones were added to mark the level cuts. The building is located in my hometown allowing me to visit it and take pictures for extra reference.
Isolate level
This is a view of the ground floor level once it was done. By this time I decided to shift my focus on the infographic challenge and leave the blueprints for what they are.
All levels mounted
Initially I thought splitting everything up to separate layers would provide a lot of support when calculating proportions. Wrong!
Even with only three levels mounted it was difficult to maintain an overview.
Another isolated level showing the theatre dome cut-out which spans several levels.
Final result
Adding white background masks and layer transparency delivers impressive views. However; I was very happy when the job was done.