Meeting at the clients headquarters
The client is a global company that manufactures laser measurement tools. For their annual report they wanted to show their investors an overall view of (third party) machines that rely on their technology. They wanted me to develop three isometric illustrations. One for industry, one for Healthcare and a third for Spatial applications.
Briefing Industry illustration
A meeting joined by heads of different departments. A rough layout with pos-its on a sheet of paper. When everybody was pleased I took a picture. This would be the core of the Industrial illustration. I received memory sticks with reference material from all departments before heading back to Belgium.
Faye and John from Radley Yeldar made a comprehensive translation of the pos-its. It's crucial to have correct product names. The complexity of the project lay in the three levels of information. 1. The Renishaw measurement tools 2. The third party machines which feature the measurement tools 3. the products made by the machines
Converting the whole diagram to an isometric view. I realised the setup needed some more tweaking to fit the page dimensions. The metrology setup as shown here is too wide.
Reference material
As mentioned earlier, the client provided extensive reference material. Which is good of course. But it also adds to the complexity of the project. Because all of that has the be processed. The smallest inconsistency raises questions.
Measurements are important. First because all machines have to fit relative proportions. Scaling the finished assets would also result in deviant stroke sizes. Before drawing the assets I created rough bounding boxes to see if their wouldn't be too much overlap.
Some days have passed since the previous step and I'm feeling more relaxed. There are still question marks though. The illustration is isometric. My biggest frustration was finding top reference views of the machines.
Machine assets
There's actually one step missing between 1 and 2. I had pencil roughs for each machine. But a hard disk crash destroyed them and I can't seem to find the originals. Mea culpa.
Since they interact together it's important to show specific machines in the correct configuration. It's crucial to have this information in the briefing. Corrections can be annoying. The drilling machine on the left should have the safety door open instead of closed.
Annual report
I'm quite pleased with the result. There's another two illustrations like this but the work process is very much the same.
The healthcare illustration. Michael Bignell was my contact for this project. He was always helpful, patient and understanding.
Annual report