Pencil drawing
The Dossin Casern is a memorial museum and documentation centre which opened its doors in Autumn 2012. A graphic agency developed the corporate identity and contracted us to do a comprehensive circulation map of the site. An isometric angle would be the best approach. This a first pencil rough following a detailed briefing.
Vector setup
Prior to execution the client requested a different viewing angle. Initially we advised this approach because this way the public entrance faces the viewer. Aiming for coherent style corporate colors were adopted.
Site complex
A vectorial exterior view of the new museum and the actual barracks. It's important to have the entrance up front. This is the last position the visitor remembers before entering the building.
A quick mockup of the exterior with the ground level fitted in transparent mode.
For the exterior I opted for an uncompromising black outline stroke combined with shadows for the window cutouts. Resulting in a subdued atmosphere.
Floor level
The staircases, doors and elevators are crucial position marks for a visitor. (A project in association with