A two minute animation for the open air museum Atlantikwall in Raversijde (Belgium). The animation is part of an overall facelift of the museum. The movie should unfold the history of the site and could be no more than two minutes and no narrative. Madoc
The challenge was to give the audience a lot of information but without a voiceover. We decided to make a storyboard and turn this into an animatic.
Bunker construction
It was crucial to show the evolution of the whole site but also to show how one of these typical WWII bunkers was build.
We used old reference pictures to work out the scenes. But even those can be deceiving. The streetcar was not active during most the war.
Having an animatic gives all parties a good first reference to exchange ideas and remarks.
There were four multiplans in the storyboard. It's good to have a detailed drawing of each one of them. It lets us estimate the number of assets that have to be developed.
Developing graphic assets
The German building machine was symbolised through this concrete mixer.
The truth is that nothing much happend at Raversijde during WWII. And the animation had to end with D-Day ... in France.
German building machine
The German building machine delivers bunkers to the European coastline.
Time laps
The time laps of the site. A lot of research went into this aspect of the animation.
Some drama
D-Day! First we had a map view but the client wanted to show the drama of the moment.
March 2016
The animation is a central part of the new visitors center of Raversijde. You can see the entire movie here: Atlantikwall Raversijde