Rough sketch
Some projects require a lot of research and reference material. It's a crucial part of almost every project. Usually clients provide this documentation. But ...
Outline setup
Eventually I end up doing lots of research and gathering documentation myself. - This is an outline result of both a side view and an isometric view of one and the same machine.
Isometric reference material
An isometric view features three visible planes: a top view and two side views. In order to wrap this illustration successfully, multiple pictures of different angles are needed.
Side view illustration
A simple side view illustration requires less reference material. Clients tend to think their project best suits an isometric approach. But often it is not. Isometric illustrations are space consuming and take more time to draw. It's ideal when space is not an issue as is the case in animations or poster prints to explain complex systems and processes. But if all this does not apply, I advice against the isometric approach.
It's impossible to draw this machine when there's lack of sufficient reference material. One in tree projects gets put on hold because the promised reference material doesn't make it in my mailbox on time.
Research services
If your project requires (extensive) reference material, make sure to collect all the material well in advance. It saves time and energy and it allows us both to plan our projects more efficiently. I provide research and documentation services ad an additional cost.