Briefing and reference material
The Royal Library of Belgium celebrates its 50th anniversary. A fourfold assignment; a campaign visual, an animation of 60 seconds, a DNA of the print process and a DNA of the library as an architectural landmark. (A project in association with Exponanza, Production Company for Exhibitions and Museums.)Exponanza
The deadline was very tight. I decided to begin with the library as an architectural landmark and see how it could be used both in print as in animation. I wanted to show the whole complex yet at the same time maintain the typical features of the facade. The concept for the project came from the graphic approach of the building; The horizontal facade with the diagonal extrusion for the rest of the structure.
Concept for the campaign visual
A seamless bookcase pattern for the campaign visual. I applied the concept for the building; a horizontal face with a diagonal extrusion.
Rough sketchbook draughts for the print DNA
Sketches for the animatic
A library is; getting books out and putting them back in place. So we reversed this part of the animation at the end.
Introduction at the annual book fair in Brussels
Library DNA booth at the fair
KBR banner
See the animation here: Royal Library of Belgium